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common than most of us would want to believe. one cabbie even admits on camera he didn't pick up a guy because of the color of his skin. russ ptacek joins us now with the story we thought we wouldn't to have tell any more. >> many of you tweeted me stories of taxis refusing service to blacks, stories one would hope we wouldn't be able to prove true on our hidden camera. but we did. >> what's up, man? >> out of all the cabs we tested -- >> malcolm x elementary school. >> all over d.c. >> thanks, man. >> the majority agreed to take the black passenger where he wanted to go. his destination? the malcolm x elementary and rec center where neighbors say cabs seldom come. >> when i said 1370 congress street, they say, i'm not going that way. >> i can't get a ride there. it's very hard. >> reporter: it's at savannah and congress in southeast. we tested 40 cabs. the question is would they take a black man to the destination he requested. this taxi driver would not. watch carefully as this cab goes right past our black staffer. >> going to malcolm x rec center in southeast. >> and stops to pick
. >> it is not possible for us to raise the amount of revenue that's required for a balanced package if all you are relying on is closing deductions and loopholes. >> reporter: if there's no deal cbs reports families making 20 to 40,000 next year will have taxes go up $100. 40 to 64,000, taxes up 64,000. 64 to 10,000, taxes up 3500 a year. that's the category into which the sean and jody watson family of woodbridge fall. a family already cutting back. >> i think it just will put any future plans that we might have on hold, let's say fixed income electrical. >> they have no idea how their choith and fighting affect the rest of us. >> reporter: no deal, and they affect the rest of us, as vice president chain knee used to say, big-time, in just 27 days. >> we just checked and there still has been no arrest in the murder of 14-year-old reyes, the teenager shot this morning. reyes was walking with two other folks when somebody drove by and started shooting. police say two of those people are document gang members and they believe the shooting is gang related. the car used in the shooting has been re
and dillon and the rest of them will watch over all of us. >> to come across that absolutely horrific scene, it had to be devastating. >> reporter: after the live trucks, after the funerals, after the holidays, we will never forget the huge hearts we met and the simple town that became ground zero. >> i can't believe we're the center of media attention worldwide, the second worst massacre in u.s. history in our town. it just doesn't compute. ♪ ♪ >> our team also included satellite operator curt brooks, but breaking news came earlier and he had to go. his main concern in newtown was being respectful to a town dealing with so much. i think it's that kind of thoughtfulness that really helped us, too. kind of maintain our sense of being a team and also just to deal with this situation, we wanted to be very thoughtful to everyone there. tough. >> do you think the town appreciated that or were they just overwhelmed by so many media people there. >> i've never seen so many media people there. absolutely everyone was there, all the networks, all the local calls, people from out of town. good th
. i'm bruce johnson, thanks for joining us. a woman was shot tonight on board a metrobus. it happened as the woman was getting on the bus with the young daughter injured during the shooting. matt jablo joins us live. how did it all happen? >> reporter: it's a terrible story as you said. a woman and her young daughter get on a bus early this evening in southeast washington, but only one of them get out alive. >> it's sad, i don't understand. >> reporter: it happened near the intersection of 18th street and minnesota avenue in southeast washington. >> it's a pretty quiet neighborhood. never had a problem. >> reporter: that's where the police chief says that a woman was getting on a bus with her young daughter. >> the child believed to be under the age of three. >> when a man came up behind them. >> once they got on the bus, a male subject followed close behind her and opened fire into the bus. >> reporter: the woman was hit several times and pronounced dead on the bus. >> it looked like she was targeted. >> reporter: while the woman's daughter may have been grazed by a bullet was rushed
is still blocked off. police tell us a semitruck was stopped in traffic when it was rear-ended by a pickup truck. all three people in the pickup truck died. the semi driver wasn't hurt. >>> get ready, more snow is headed our way. meteorologist erica grow joins us with some news that some may welcome while others will say bah-humbug. >> isn't that the case. tomorrow will be fine but we are tracking another storm that is bringing light rain to houston right now and the gulf coast. besides that we are going to be fine the next several hours. let's take a look at some of those awful wind gusts we had earlier today. 49 miles per hour in fairfield. spring dale in prince george's county had a peak wind gust of 50 miles per hour. the winds have really settled down. we still have some gusty winds in manassas where the peak gust is 25 miles per hour the last hour. 24 miles per hour in gaithersburg, 22 in martinsburg, 29 in hagerstown but those winds will continue to relax as we head through the overnight hours. this is what you will wake up to tomorrow morning. down right cold temperatures. when you
is now in the u.s. senate, where the republican and democratic leaders are trying to find some sort of compromise. but if they can't, the president is insisting on an up and down vote on his plan in both the house and senate. the vote in the news room tonight was to have gary nurenberg fill us in. gary? >> reporter: derek, how absurd is this? almost no one wants the country to see that combination of huge spending cuts and tax increases, but month after month after month, congress has been unable to cut a deal to avoid them. how absurd is this? so absurd the president is quoting yogi berra to describe it. >> this is deja vu all over again. america wonders why it is that in this town for some reason, you can't get stuff done in an organized timetable, why everything has to wait until the last minute. we're now at the last minute. >> reporter: the president spoke after a meeting where republican and democratic senate leaders agreed to try to find a solution. >> we're out of town. we've got to do it now. the next 24 hours will be very important. >> reporter: a rare phrase these days,
uh, who are you now? hey, what's going on? o'brien won't tell us what he witnessed. his lawyer won't be here for a while. let him stew. but he's a runner. keep him on lockdown. okay. boss? they just put him in your office. (mug clatters) i know how you got o'brien. the tech guys did a diagnostic on my phone. you downloaded spyware so you could listen to my conversations. sorry. you couldn't get him yourself, so you piggybacked on us. (sighs) i'm broke, rees. alimony, rent, friggin' eighth grade prom. can you even believe they have that? i needed this guy. so you lied and cheated your own sister. i know how this sounds, but i would really appreciate it if you just give him to me. are you out of your mind? i need a favor. do you honestly think i would give you o'brien after what you pulled? not to mention the fact that he might be a witness. do you even know how hard it is to ask this? okay, i am doing you a favor by not arresting you. now go do something different with your life. no, you don't tell me how to live. tommy, come on. i bust my ass every day to put food on the table for
website, >>> as you can imagine, this shooting has a lot of us talking about gun control. all that talk is having an immediate impact at many gun stores. suddenly they have all the business they can handle. the owner of a gun center in frederick explains it this way. >> what you're seeing today is the very fact that the american people fear that their government is going to prohibit them from doing what is currently lawful and legal. and their response to that is to do what's lawful and legal and purchase what they can purchase. >> at the gun center, semiautomatic assault rifles very popular today. despite the price tag on some of them, more than $4,600. these rifles are cash and carry, meaning you can buy one with a basic instant background check and no waiting period. friday's shooting has drawn attention to the gun control debate and today a petition called for action, we the people platform became the most popular cause ever championed on the website. at last check it had 163,000 signatures. here in d.c., dozens of parents, teachers and veterans marched on the national rif
, touchdown! >> what an exciting night. good evening, everyone. we appreciate you staying up with us for a jam packed "game on overtime," a redskins jam packed, that's for sure. who would have thought seven weeks ago that a 3-6 redskins team would be the nfc east champs playing their first home playoff game since 1999. let's check out how it all played out tonight. for the second straight week, redskins' quarterback rgiii sporting the knee brace for that sprained knee. on the first drive the skins' offense looked out of sorts. josh morgan, the drop on 3rd down. the burgundy and goldman acknowledge just two yards. they're forced to punt. dwayne harris fields it on the dallas 45. huge block on the outside, sprints up the sideline. 28 yards to the washington 27- yard line. here come romo and the cowboys starting to drive, but romo misfires. open arms of the rookie richard crawford who reverses for 11 yards. take two starts off better. alfred morris 19 yards, up near the 50. facing 3rd and 4 on dallas 35, rgiii sprints nine yards for the 1st down. but the redskins drive would stall and they settle
. with all the situations of what's happening around us, this is a great way to hang out with a whole bunch of dear friends. >> reporter: put simply, these are all just colorful lights accompanied with feel-good music. the sights and sounds might be common for many, but for others it's an escape that serves as a therapeutic distraction from the unfortunate realities that have bruised the american spirit. however, this time of year does offer certain healing that even young ones know about. >> merry christmas and happy new year. >> and you haven't had time to come out here, you have a chance. it's open until january 1 and admission is free. it runs every night until 9:00. ken molestina 9 news. >>> shoppers were taken advantage of deep discounts on super saturday. the last weekend before christmas. shoppers were crowding stores and shopping malls all day and well into the evening. surae chinn was also in the crowds. >> reporter: parents holdingbags of gifts and carting toys to put under the christmas tree. >> you've got to do what you've got to do, right? >> reporter: they all have one thing
. with the deficit ticking ever higher, patience is wearing thin. >> for those of us that invest in the stock market it's disgusting to watch them jockey around with our money, because it gets affected every day. >> reporter: missing in all the last-minute negotiations is talk of the $1.2 trillion in mandatory spending cuts scheduled to go into effect on tuesday. the u.s. will also hit its borrowing limit on monday make it difficult for the government to pay its bills. >>> meanwhile, an elderly woman is cammed fast moving fire that left two others hurt. tonight fire investigators say the woman may have gone back in the burning town house to warn the others. the fire swept through this town house on laurel hill road in grown belt last night. destroying the unit and damaging the surrounding town houses. fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause of the fire that left the woman in her 80s dead. >> what we're hearing is a possibility that she may have left the house, got out safely before returning back into the house. >> i heard from my wife who was here when the fire started that my ne
Search Results 0 to 17 of about 18 (some duplicates have been removed)